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There is a Lakota Saying that “Everything is Medicine,” meaning that in the right hands, everything is useful. SPARC’s approach to healing involves providing members with a wide array of healing tools to confront their unique health challenges and improve their daily lives.

While members of our collective come to us first for medicine, over time we want them to utilize other healing techniques that can help them address their problems.SPARC offers access to centuries-old healing traditions, including traditions where cannabis has been used to foster self-healing through meditation.While cannabis has been popularized in North American pop culture as a hazy, sleep-inducing substance, many South Asian cultures traditionally use cannabis for selective meditations as a means to awakening.

In India, there is over 3,000 years of history behind cannabis as a tool for healing in Ayurvedic medicine, as well as an aide in spiritual practice. To learn more about ancient traditions that used cannabis, visit the Spiritual Use of Cannabis section of our website under Cannabis Research.


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